Privacy and Policy

Unique security

The purpose of obtaining personal information
When you use our website’s services you will be asked for personal information about yourself (for example, name, email address, etc.). The Mailer website will follow the existing laws. The Trendy Voice website aims to follow this best practice.

Information about visitors

When you go to the Trendy Voice website, there is also a cookie that pops into your computer along with the pages you see. This happens on almost every website because these cookies help the website publisher find useful information about whether your computer has already visited a particular website. When you come back to a particular website, you can get this information by checking if there is a cookie left when you visit.

Both cookies and symbols are used to obtain non-personal statistics such as web pages visited, how long a page has been viewed, and other information about the visitor’s screen structure and general information. This information, along with information obtained from other cookies used on the Website, may be used by Google to improve the service you provide.

What is a cookie?

When you sign into a website, a cookie will automatically go down on your computer. Cookies are text files. These are the ways our servers identify your computer. Cookies cannot retrieve information about who the visitor is, only the computer used. Many websites use these cookies to measure the number of visitors to their website.

Cookies not only record what area a computer has visited but also how much time has been spent on a particular page. Internet users can set the system to accept all cookies, alert when a cookie comes in, but always reject all cookies. If you reject everything, you may not get some special services.

Note: Even if you do not set your computer to decline cookies, you can still visit our website without providing information about yourself. You must provide personal information about yourself if you opt for the services of Trendy Voice.

The storage and use of personal information

When you provide any personal information to Trendy (for example in order to participate in a competition or become a Web site member) we have legal obligations as to how we use that information. We must receive personal information on a regular basis, that is, we will explain to you how we will use that information and let you know if such information is available to others. The information you provide will only be used within the Trendy Voice website and on behalf of its service providers. These information will never be made available to others without your prior approval. We will only disclose personal information without your consent, unless the law requires us to provide such information and permit it. Similarly, if you post or send bad news or bad news anywhere on the Trendy Voice website, Trendy Voice will have serious access to the Trendy Voice site. Trendy Voice uses the information we have about you to stop it if harassment persists. This includes contacting your company, school or e-mail service provider and informing you of your dispatch or your conduct.

We will keep personal information about you for as long as you use our service. If this is accomplished, we will remove that information. We will ensure that all personal information provided to us is kept securely and in accordance with the Information Security Act 1998.

Users sixteen or younger
Trendy Voice Provide Personal Information to Parents / Responsible Persons of Sixteen Years or Less Those who do not have this prior permission may not provide us with personal information.